May 23, 2008

Advice, anyone???

What better way to start off the randomness again than by posting bits of advice/comments that's being doled out to me by domestic help, family, friends and anyone else on ways to make the kiddo bigger, taller, stronger, sharper (nose especially!) and the rest? Oh, how can i forget fairer?? Try at your own risk!

  • Apply ghee to baby's body, especially nose and massage to make it sharp and long. (I would rather eat the ghee)
  • Massage with oil/ghee twice a day. This will help bones stretch out thereby making baby tall. (Playing basketball might be a better option)
  • Drink milk with saffron, this will make baby fairer. (Saffron, yuck. Also too expensive. Why don't you buy him Fair and Handsome?)
  • Bathe baby in milk, also will make him fairer. (I would drink the milk before I did that but not with saffron)
  • Give baby strange herbs, they have VARIOUS benefits and will prevent illness. (I'd like to take some green herbs, forget about the baby for a minute!)
  • Don't drink anything cold if you're nursing, the baby will catch a cold. (WOW!)
  • If you're nursing, eating bread dipped in milk with help with producing more milk (Clearly, these people don't want me to fit into my jeans EVER.)
Based on the above suggestions, all Indian babies should be very tall, super strong, very very fair and have no illness at all. What a deadly combo arbid advice and blind faith is.