January 30, 2013

Time, moments and everything in between

Here's a post from around the same time last year. Not sure why but this post is inspired by time as well. Something to do with the time of year maybe.

A year seems like a long time - twelve whole months, fifty two full weeks and three hundred and sixty five (and a quarter) days. It sounds like a lot and maybe it is. But sometimes, you wonder where it all went and how it went by so quickly. Do you wonder what you did with all that time? Whether you used it well or if you wasted it? Whether you remember it well or if you'd rather forget? Whether you made a difference or if you went with the flow? Whether you felt alive or if you just lived?

There are so many quotes about time...most that talk about time's transient nature. But what about moments in time? Everyone has moments...and moments! Moments you wish had happened, maybe a little sooner even. Moments you wish hadn't, whether sooner or later. Moments that are etched so clearly and moments that fade even as they happen. Moments you treasure and moments you bury.

Will time help separate these moments?
Is time the illusion that Einstein said it is?
Will time heal, like they say it does?
Can time wait just a bit to let you be?

January 28, 2013

A different perspective

It was the same space...the same four walls...or was it fourteen? Or forty? Everything seemed different, every movement seemed deliberate! Every corner seemed sharper, every angle felt more pronounced. The lights were brighter, the touch was firmer, the senses...more heightened? She closed her eyes but opened them immediately! She didn't want to miss out on the moments of clarity! She heard them clearly...flitting and floating out of her head...clearly! And yet, she was feeling a bit numb. Not numb...but just a bit like she wasn't in it fully. Even so, she floated in and out of this space, going about her routine, making sure that things were getting done, making sure that nothing was out of place, making sure that all was OK.

It was a good space to be in. A space that was warm, a space that was welcoming, a space that made her calm, a space that was filled with love, a space that filled her with love! Smiles, faces, voices...that's all mattered. That feeling of security that only comes when the heart is happy...when the mind is calm...when the body is relaxed...and open to experiences.

Yoga? You betcha!

January 23, 2013

The Cute Whisperers

It was her favorite time of day. Time when they were done with bath, dinner and drama. Time for games of some sort...different ones every night. Time for stories, both from books and from their imagination, school experiences and park escapades. Finally, time for them to begin winding down. It was a long process...but they would slowly get there. This was when she would make her exit. This was the part that she loved...when they thought that they were alone and that she couldn't hear them. When they would begin their whispers.

It started off with a sssshhh, pssssstt, hhhheyyyyy from up above and would be followed by a fingers-in-mouth response from below that sounded like a duck quacking. Only she understood what he meant...but that was good enough. 'Amma, sleep, play, ssssshhhhhhh, school tomorrow, snacks, chocolates, trains, I'll tell you something, I won't share with you' were some of the constants in their conversations. 

She always tried to make sense of it from where she sat on the outside but never could. She often wondered if she should go a little closer so she could hear better, maybe a little clearer...but she never did. She felt like she would be intruding into their space. A space that was reserved for only both of them, a space where they felt safe, comfortable and confident to say anything they wanted...to each other. 

A space that she hoped they would share lifelong...her two cute whisperers.

January 22, 2013

The (wo)man in the mirror

Everyone's heard the song...everyone knows the lyrics. But does everyone or even anyone do what they sing out loud...start with themselves to make a change? What's change, anyway? How can we make the world a better place? Is it just by our actions? Can it not be our reactions? To things, people...situations? Everyone is so quick to judge another...everyone! Especially so when a situation arises where you find someone else in a spot that you might actually be in. Rather than empathize or even just stay quiet, we opine. An opinion, which for the most part, isn't even based on any knowledge or understanding of the situation. It's just that...an opinion...an immediate reaction, even.

But it does so much to the person who is on the receiving end. So much! It makes them think, makes them wonder, makes them question, sometimes even makes them doubt! Yet, we all do it...time and again. Pass judgement, form an opinion, take a side, make a decision. For what? Is it because we are so comfortable in our own world and in our own surroundings that we feel a sense of security (even if it's false) and have to display that to others? Is it to show to whoever cares to notice that we are secure in the things that seemingly matter to us, even if it isn't really so? Or is it to allay our own fears...to put at rest that nagging thought that something might be wrong?

Start with yourself...make a change...the person in the mirror is all that matters. Try, at least! Or maybe not, for a wise person once said, "No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try".