May 26, 2009

CSK and DC, which one is really home to me?

After CSK lost in the IPL semis, I naturally supported DC because after all, they are my 'second home' team. Having lived in Hyderabad for 3 years now, I kind of qualify as a Hyderabadi (when it suits me only). But when the last ball was bowled, I did not feel the same euphoria that I would have had it been CSK walking away with the trophy. Try as I might, even spite (which was aplenty as DC beat RC which had beaten CSK) could not replicate those emotions that are usually reserved for favourites only.

And then a thought zipped through my mind. As long as I live in Hyderabad, my kids will always put the Chargers above the Kings. Naturally. DC will be their home team.

That should make for very interesting future IPL parties!

May 20, 2009

Brain Freeze - Part 2

Nothing unfreezes my 'writers' block than sports!

That's what he has been for the last few years until Nadal came along. With a victory at the Madrid Masters he's kickstarted his claycourt season but what that will mean at the French Open is anyone's guess. Good luck RF, this could be your last chance!

My favourite team! In the Western Conference Finals again and 1 game up too! They should go all the way this time. I will die if they don't.

A new addition to my sporting teams list. Chennai Super Kings. In the semis of the 2nd IPL season. Go Kings go!

What would I do without sports...