June 24, 2012

These are a few of my favourite things

When the mind wanders searching for comfort, it tends to think of things....familiar things...things that help it remember good times, good moments, good memories. While my favourite things are a far cry from Julie Andrews', they are mine and mine alone.

Long drives on empty roads, old tracks on the radio, silly movies that show unexpectedly on the TV, hanging out at a friend's terrace, gossiping all through the night, late night phone conversations, train rides with loved ones, open empty spaces where dreams and plans are made, eating dosa while sitting in the car, watching the endless waves hit the shore, walking around the mall with a best friend, coffee breaks at the office, reading an old dog-eared book, playing tennis and basketball, grilled cheese & chilly sandwiches, dark chocolate & breezers, grandparents and their unquestioning love...

The list seems endless but comfort seems a little far away too, at times. Hmmmmmmmmmm