March 27, 2012

Memories for life

It's nice to recount incidents from the past...old stories, events, people, places...memories. What makes this recounting even better is that it's being recounted with the people that you are about to make new memories with! Like a circle of memories...or something like that.

I've always believed that memories that you make in the course of life are not just for yourself...that would be too selfish! Make memories that will live on in other's minds too.

I definitely think I have!

March 14, 2012

The Cheekiness Of Chat

Just the tongue-in-cheek emoticon says it all. You can say whatever you want...almost whatever you want, anyway, and get away with it by using an emoticon. Something like "I didn't mean that...just joking, really" when you may or may not have been. That's the beauty of chat.

On a deeper level, what is it that makes it easy to chat up someone on 'chat'? Is it the knowledge that you can say anything and the other person won't see through you? Is this what allows you to mask your true emotions and feelings? Or sometimes, the other way around?

Either way, the person on the receiving end may never truly get the intended meaning. Or maybe they will but don't let on...they're probably using a complementary emoticon as well. An emoticon face-off, if you will.

Which emoticon will blink first?

March 10, 2012

Swalpa Kannada learn maadi

I wrote this post soon as I moved to Bangalore. It's almost 2 years now and I'm nowhere close to learning even a little more Kannada than just that. Except for one term - the ubiquitous 'Adjust maadi or swalpa adjust maadi', which means 'Adjust a bit please'. The term is so famous around here that it should be legal to say 'I got adjust maadied'!

Legal or not, I got 'adjust maadied' a few days ago. While driving through the absurd traffic, I'm not sure why I had my windows down. But waiting for the signal to change, I suddenly heard a 'swalpa adjust maadi, madam' driver trying to squeeze into a non-existent space in front of my car!

If that term didn't bring a smile to my face, I might've adjust maadied his face :)

March 8, 2012

Routine and Randomness

The words routine and random might sound contradictory but they are related in a funny way. Routine facilitates randomness. When you do certain things at certain times day in and day out, there are some things that you will eventually observe. Some patterns will emerge and some deviations as well. But to observe the deviation, you need to understand the pattern first.

Where am I going with this? Nowhere, really. It's more an argument tell myself that as boring as a routine might be, it does have its random as they might be.

Randomness - what would I do without it!

March 6, 2012

Oh to escape from the madness!

The mind is a crazy thing...thoughts, memories, wishes, dreams, conversations, endless barrage pounding constantly without any relief. You want to tell it to just let up for a bit...just chill out. But you know it won't happen. There's just too much in there.

Imagine being able to escape to that imaginary space where it's calm, still, blissful even. A space where only what you want, you do. Where only what you feel, you touch. Where only what you picture, you see. Where only what you sense, you believe. Where only what you believe, you live.

A space where it all comes together...fits in...and makes perfect sense.

March 3, 2012


You don't have to be able to express in words or some other tangible form everything that you feel. Maybe the extremeness of that feeling might be lost, then. Yes, some things are best left un-penned.

Un-pennable or should it be unpennable?