December 26, 2012

Age ain't ain't nothing but a number!

"A person's age and their level of maturity aren't connected...not one bit", she thought to herself. It had taken little observations over time, small chit chats here and there and one big conversation to realize that. It made her think about so many a person's mind worked, what made them think the way they did, whether there was any rationality behind it, whether it was just a simple acceptance of facts, whether it was that unquestioning trust in the person(s) that mattered most...the trust that they would be cared for no matter what? So many thoughts bombarded her.

She recalled the phrase 'older and wiser' and thought about how much it was thrown around by adults. Why, there were  songs (and even blogs!) by that title. But she remembered another one...a complete contradiction.

“The older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom.” 

Did it mean that the younger the person, the more mature they were? Was this because acceptance came so much easier as a child?

Did this mean that she still had a lot to learn...from her children?

December 12, 2012

A little gap = big smile!

Dated Dec 11, 2012

It was about 6:45 am on 11/12/2012. A little girl sat at the table eating her bowl of Chocos. As always, she was crunching through them merrily when all of a sudden, she stopped and squealed! "Amma! It's out! My tooth's fallen"! Amma's immediate response was "Oh I hope you haven't swallowed it along with the Chocos"! "No silly, it's right here", came the answer. And there it shiny, pearly white tooth in the palm of her hand. And it was was the first one to fall out, after all.

A great deal of excitement ensued! She proudly displayed it to all present, especially her little brother! His first question? "What will the tooth fairy give you"? Ah...the unavoidable question had been asked, that too by an unaffected party! So she relayed that back to her mother who said that the tooth fairy will give her something...but wasn't sure what. There weren't many demands...maybe a gold coin? Her mother smiled. The innocence with which it was asked made her heart melt. And in that soppy state, she shook her head...."yes, maybe".

So the tooth was stashed in a secret place so it would be safe until she could tuck it under her pillow at night. Her mother wanted to get a gold foil covered chocolate coin that she could put under the pillow...but forgot until too late at night! Luckily, rummaging through her wallet, she came across a 1 pound coin. It wasn't gold but it seemed close enough. It was something that she had saved since 2004. It had been memorable but somehow, the memory associated with it, had vanished. She realized that it was time to put the coin to better use. Enough of it sitting inside a cold, dark wallet.

The next morning dawned. "Amma! I got a gold coin! I'm so happy"! She ran up and hugged her mother tight. "I know you put it under my pillow, amma...thank you"! I'm going to put this away in my piggy bank"!
"From one closed space into another", her mother thought" but a new association created".

A tiny gap, the tooth fairy, a fake gold coin and a big, wide, ear-to-ear smile. :)

December 7, 2012

Alternate reality...or a wish?

She racked her brains really hard. She just couldn’t figure out what to write about. She had many thoughts…too many, actually. What could she write about that would be interesting for someone else to read? Could she write about incidents from her past or events that were currently going on in her life? What if they thought it were boring? What about something relating to her children? That always seemed interesting to her!  But what if they thought it wasn’t funny at all! And then she thought for a second…what if she closed her eyes to see if there was some inspiration? A wise person whom she loved dearly had once told her to try this if she ever faced writer’s block.

She sat on her chair and closed her eyes. And just like that, thoughts came floating in and out...
A bright orange coloured all day sucker! It was so big that it almost covered her face entirely! It smelt divine and tasted even better. She pictured herself licking it greedily, the juice dripping down her cheeks making them all sticky. Just as she thought that she could write about that, another thought flashed in her mind.

She was on Center Court at Wimbledon! No, not a ball girl but she was on the court itself playing against her hero Pete Sampras! She stood behind the baseline about to receive his serve. Funnily though, she wasn’t grimacing at the expected ‘thwack’ that could’ve ploughed through a metal wall! She was grinning…goofily even! So excited at the thought of walking to the net at the end of the match and shaking his hand…or even hugging him! There was something she could write about…the mixture of emotions that were going through her, right?
DING DONG! DING DONG! She opened her eyes and got out of her chair with a start! She rushed off downstairs to answer the door. Her eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped down low! Who should stand there but Pete Sampras holding a bright orange coloured all day sucker!!!! The first thought that crossed her mind? “Wait till I go back to my computer and write about this!”