November 25, 2009

Roll over Quick Gun Murugan, I'm here!

As I approach a narrow road which is really meant for only one car but always has at least ten zig zagging everywhere I'm amazed that there a few dozen cars parked outside the walls of massive houses that apparently don't have 'visitor' parking inside. Anyway, its the moment I'm waiting for. Adrenaline builds up. The car on the other side and I are speeding towards each other, who's going to make it through the gap? Speed doesn't decide but 'the flash' does! It may seem simple but the timing of the flash is key. You can't do it from the end of the road, only a wuss would! It's got to be close enough but not that close either! Zip.

Meet Quick Flash RR. Ek tumbler whiskey, ek masala dosa.


November 13, 2009

Ex'queue'se me please

I always feel like I pick the wrong line to wait in. Grocery store, ATM and anything else that involves queues. Always.

At the store I not only have to deal with people fumbling for change and others counting out their Sodexho coupons at the last possible minute but also the hand that sneaks in from the other side of the counter with 'just one item' and NO 'please' or 'excuse me' or even a 'thank you' if I allow them! You would think that the person at the checkout would ignore this 'hand' and make it get into line but no, they side with it as well saying 'okka nimisham madam, okkate item undhi'! There's a separate line for that you freaks! Go there!

The person in front of me at the ATM most often has no clue about ATM courtesy. Banks always have signs posted saying: No talking on cell phones inside ATM. No wearing caps or helmets. No entering in groups. How about this instead:
DON'T use the ATM as a substitute for a teller.
DON'T use the ATM for more than 2 minutes at a time.
DON'T hold up people indefinitely, especially at the beginning of the month.
DON'T recount the money that the ATM has just dispensed to you.
And most importantly DON'T pretend to know how to use the ATM when you really don't! It's ok to ask for help.