December 20, 2014


It's interesting that yet another movie in the recent past (Katthi being the other) has focused on a topic that is a staple in recent news - water. Although I haven't watched the latter yet, I'm guessing that it was just as bad as Lingaa. Oops, did I just give away the gist of this post?!

(Those who haven't watched it yet, don't worry, no spoilers here.)

The Good
Amidst the drama, masala and political intent that one expects (and loves) in a Rajni film, the plot revolves around many aspects that go into the building of dams - displacement of villagers due to flooding that will be caused by the structure, resettlement in the form of allocating other land, compensation for the land lost, and the angst and confusion among the to-be-displaced partly due to mistrust and party due to having no knowledge of the mechanics of how it all works. The film highlighted these important points such that lay people, who are often clueless about the other side of 'development', can understand.

The Bad
  • The comedy was a joke. (Get it?!)
  • The soundtrack - really, the movie might have been more tolerable without any background score or duets at all. (Yes, the one time where being delayed to the movies would've been a good thing. Even the SPB/Rajni opening song sequence was pathetic.)
  • Sets, costume & makeup - The amount of money spent on this could possibly have been used to fund the construction of a small-sized dam! (This statement is purely based on my imagination and has not been influenced by any knowledge of the film's budget or of the actual costs of dam construction.)
  • Dance sequences - the one area where thalaiva has always struggled, and continues to do so. The editing has tried to minimise close up shots but the discomfort is more than evident even from a distance. (Using foreign dancers and glaring outfits can only cover up so much.) 
  • The female lead(s) - Two for the price of one. (Two times the pain!)
  • Fight sequences - Would've been better left to the viewer's imagination. (Felt a bit like watching Po go through the Matrix motions!)
  • The villain - WHO?
  • The one-liner - was a one-worder and certainly not worth repeating. (Naa oru darava kooda sollirka koodadhu!)

The Ugly
The last 11 minutes of the film.

I said no spoilers, and I've kept my word. Watch it at your own risk or under the influence - of friends, what else!

December 17, 2014


i don't know where to begin this story
or is it a poem?
a poem doesn't have to rhyme, does it?
and verses don't need punctuations, or meter, or capitalisation, do they?

maybe you won't agree with that, i can see you cringing as you read this.
and maybe you won't agree with many other things,
maybe you won't see life like i do.

i'd like to tell you, show you, and shield you
but i won't.
it's your journey and i'm just your friend
and i hope to stay that way
especially when times are rough and hopefully when it's fun.

some days can make you feel foolish
others can make you lose hope,
but wait for them to pass.

be gentle, kind and thoughtful,
be warm and loving.
be just the person you are.

that's all i want to say.

October 26, 2014

The puzzle of the unnecessary middle

Compromise, meeting midway, give and take, adjustment: all words associated with, among many other things, relationships. As much as it seems paramount, maybe because of all the psychobabble around it, this idea of giving in to the point that you don't lose yourself, is it really necessary?

Picture it, in a tangible sense.

A line with a definitive start and end will have a middle, but just close your eyes and imagine something. Likely, it's difficult to picture the start and end because the thought is an abstraction. You define the start and end in some random manner, without being able to pinpoint accurately. So how do you find the middle?

Now, think about this in the context of relationships.

When and why did a relationship start? Can you actually put a date to it, even though there might be a legal date? More importantly, why did it start? Was it the spontaneity? Was it the 'off-the-beaten-path' approach to life? Was it just one thing or many? Can they be quantified or brought within a boundary in their entirety? If they can't, then how can a midpoint be calculated, especially when it's two sets of 'whys' that need to be understood and explained?

So then, is there a need for a middle?

Can there not be just a whole? One that does away with the arrogance of a left or a right, that demands that there be a middle. A nebulous composition of thoughts, ideas, opinions and everything else.

A whole that can possibly explain much more than a middle can.

August 22, 2014

Where the heart is...

What is home?

It's fond memories. It's a good mental space. It's what you think of when you're feeling down and out. It's also what you think of when you feel thrilled to bits! It's your past but not necessarily your present or your future. But it's still home.

Madras was her home. No, not Chennai. Madras. Is there a difference? Yes! Especially for those who don't live there any more or haven't lived there for awhile, the difference is huge. Chennai doesn't roll off the tongue as easily as does Madras. It sounds a tad pretentious and it's just not....Madras! That's all.

As adamant as she was about calling her home Madras, she was equally adamant all her life that Madras was her only 'home'. No other place that she had lived in and loved could become home.

Until quite recently when she realised and accepted that it's OK to have more than one home.

Home is the present and the future. Home is fondness. Home is memories. Home is love. And to be corny, home is where the heart is.

And her heart was firmly planted in more than one place.

July 6, 2014

Just do it

When something's that close, how do you feel when it doesn't go your way?

Do you try to forget the very few moments where you could've done something different or do you relive the many that set you apart? Do you worry that you might not get another shot or are you pleased about how you performed? Do you think of the many that write you off or the few that really believe? Do you wish you could do it again or do you just do it?

Just do it. Please. 

February 14, 2014

The little red soldier

A giant brown thing was blocking his way. Annoyed, he looked up at it. It seemed like it had no beginning and no ending. It was just huge! He made his way down what seemed like an infinite path. It took him some time but he eventually got to a corner. He could only make a left turn and so he did.

Another infinite stretch of brown greeted him. So he continued trudging along. He walked and walked but had to make a sudden stop. There was something bright red in his way. It seemed different from the brown...a bit soft and juicy, maybe. He tried to climb over it but slipped. Finally, he managed to sneak into a teeny weeny gap and continued his walk...but not for long.

A pale green thing blocked his path next followed shortly by a yellowish-orangish smelly thing. As he went closer to inspect it, the giant brown thing moved! As it seemed to lift off suddenly like a helicopter would, a few little brown pieces fell down. One piece would've landed on him had he not jumped to the side in the nick of time. He breathed a huge sigh of relief and was trying to figure out his next move when the brown thing landed again right next to him...with one small difference.

It had a little curve near where he stood. A small indent that altered the shape...and consequently his path.

Curious, but also scared, he walked slowly into the curve. To his surprise, he found someone just like him, albeit a bit bigger, standing there. They gave each other a once-over and then the bigger of the two smiled and said, “This whole wheat bread is simply divine but the cheddar cheese stinks and the tomatoes and cucumber are soggy”!

February 13, 2014

Just A day

There's mother's day, father's day and every other family member's day.
There's valentines day, friendship day and even hugs day.
There's national secretary's day and international fruit day.
There's earth day, water day and plant a tree day.

I bet you can think up something, type it up in google and find a day for it. So I thought and I typed. And I was sure that I was the smart one.

"Nothing day"!

Alas, there are smarter people than me and they've taken that day too!

There's been an all fools' day since forever. Is there a who's had the last laugh day?

January 11, 2014

The forgetful mind

Transience - we all know about it, especially in the context of our lives. Yet, when death comes, it catches us off guard, almost all the time. We immediately think of 'what could've been', 'what we should've done', 'what we would've done only if'...and so on.

And then we move on to 'what we ought to do in the future' and promise ourselves that we will do it. Without fail.

Maybe that's just natural human thought process...the quick move from emotions to actions. Maybe it's our way of dealing with the suddenness and the finality of it all. Maybe it's simply a way to block out the pain or postpone it to a future date.

If only we remembered what was really important.
If only we remembered feeling helpless.
If only we remembered why we left things unexpressed.
If only we remembered all that we felt.

If only we remembered the emotions as we began the actions.