December 20, 2014


It's interesting that yet another movie in the recent past (Katthi being the other) has focused on a topic that is a staple in recent news - water. Although I haven't watched the latter yet, I'm guessing that it was just as bad as Lingaa. Oops, did I just give away the gist of this post?!

(Those who haven't watched it yet, don't worry, no spoilers here.)

The Good
Amidst the drama, masala and political intent that one expects (and loves) in a Rajni film, the plot revolves around many aspects that go into the building of dams - displacement of villagers due to flooding that will be caused by the structure, resettlement in the form of allocating other land, compensation for the land lost, and the angst and confusion among the to-be-displaced partly due to mistrust and party due to having no knowledge of the mechanics of how it all works. The film highlighted these important points such that lay people, who are often clueless about the other side of 'development', can understand.

The Bad
  • The comedy was a joke. (Get it?!)
  • The soundtrack - really, the movie might have been more tolerable without any background score or duets at all. (Yes, the one time where being delayed to the movies would've been a good thing. Even the SPB/Rajni opening song sequence was pathetic.)
  • Sets, costume & makeup - The amount of money spent on this could possibly have been used to fund the construction of a small-sized dam! (This statement is purely based on my imagination and has not been influenced by any knowledge of the film's budget or of the actual costs of dam construction.)
  • Dance sequences - the one area where thalaiva has always struggled, and continues to do so. The editing has tried to minimise close up shots but the discomfort is more than evident even from a distance. (Using foreign dancers and glaring outfits can only cover up so much.) 
  • The female lead(s) - Two for the price of one. (Two times the pain!)
  • Fight sequences - Would've been better left to the viewer's imagination. (Felt a bit like watching Po go through the Matrix motions!)
  • The villain - WHO?
  • The one-liner - was a one-worder and certainly not worth repeating. (Naa oru darava kooda sollirka koodadhu!)

The Ugly
The last 11 minutes of the film.

I said no spoilers, and I've kept my word. Watch it at your own risk or under the influence - of friends, what else!

December 17, 2014


i don't know where to begin this story
or is it a poem?
a poem doesn't have to rhyme, does it?
and verses don't need punctuations, or meter, or capitalisation, do they?

maybe you won't agree with that, i can see you cringing as you read this.
and maybe you won't agree with many other things,
maybe you won't see life like i do.

i'd like to tell you, show you, and shield you
but i won't.
it's your journey and i'm just your friend
and i hope to stay that way
especially when times are rough and hopefully when it's fun.

some days can make you feel foolish
others can make you lose hope,
but wait for them to pass.

be gentle, kind and thoughtful,
be warm and loving.
be just the person you are.

that's all i want to say.