September 21, 2016


Published on The Wrong Review, March 2017

my worlds
yes, plural
not just two, but more
many more
and i inhabit them all.

the world of safety and security
discipline and light conversations
where lines blur between traditional and modern
but not as much as i want.
yet i inhabit it, happily even, off and on.

the world of laughter, freedom, lightness
long, late-night chats, memories now
where i can do and say anything
but maybe not as much as i want.
yet, i inhabit it whenever i can.

the world of routine
early morning wake ups, hurried tasks one by one
throughout the day
but does it make life easy?
i don't know, yet i inhabit it, all the time.

the world of randomness, chaos and drama
where everything comes to life
definitely not as much as i want.
yet, i inhabit it with mixed feelings, as much as i can.

but these worlds aren't isolated
they often collide 
envelop, overwhelm, even suffocate
pulling, tugging, tearing me apart.
yet, also holding me together in an explicable way.

it is all these worlds that have made me
that have taught me to accept, to love, and to let go.
and letting go of these worlds might be the only way
that i can hold myself together for a bit longer.
just a little bit.