January 30, 2015

That's what it was!

"Can the number of posts in a year indicate how one's year has gone?", she wondered.

Are many posts an indication that lots of things are happening, so lots to write about or do fewer posts indicate the same because of not enough time to write at all? Anyway, everyone has these phases. Busy ones, boring ones and the opposites too. So what makes someone choose one topic to write about but not another? How does the mind differentiate and give precedence?

Is it based on chronology, meaning when something happened or when something was observed? Or is it based on impact, meaning how much something touched the person or how important it was? Or here's a third, is it based on a random fleeting thought? The kind that just flits about momentarily but leaves you feeling something. Something that wasn't enough to hold on to then but something all the same that makes the writer go "Aha, that's it"!?

Yeah, that was exactly it.