August 22, 2014

Where the heart is...

What is home?

It's fond memories. It's a good mental space. It's what you think of when you're feeling down and out. It's also what you think of when you feel thrilled to bits! It's your past but not necessarily your present or your future. But it's still home.

Madras was her home. No, not Chennai. Madras. Is there a difference? Yes! Especially for those who don't live there any more or haven't lived there for awhile, the difference is huge. Chennai doesn't roll off the tongue as easily as does Madras. It sounds a tad pretentious and it's just not....Madras! That's all.

As adamant as she was about calling her home Madras, she was equally adamant all her life that Madras was her only 'home'. No other place that she had lived in and loved could become home.

Until quite recently when she realised and accepted that it's OK to have more than one home.

Home is the present and the future. Home is fondness. Home is memories. Home is love. And to be corny, home is where the heart is.

And her heart was firmly planted in more than one place.