November 13, 2008

Resemblance bias...or is it?

The baby looks like...who? Mom? Dad? Mom's brother? Dad's sister? Paternal Grandad? Maternal great grandmom? None of them??? A completely random-looking baby? Isn't is amazing how different people can see whoever they want to see in a little baby? And it doesn't even stop with just overall resemblance, does it? Nose looks like dad's, fingers are shaped like mom's and so on. And you don't hear all this nonsense from just friends and family either. Step outside the house and you will have complete strangers swing by and swear that the kid looks like one or the other parent leaving the parent awarded the resemblance feeling (secretly, of course) very thrilled and the other (visibly, of course) very irritated.

This must mean that all mom's and dad's resemble each other in some weird way. How else could you explain such a peculiar phenomenon?

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