August 11, 2009

A - Z

People, things, places, memories, favourites...

A - Amma and Appa
B - Beach (Marina)
C - Chocolates, Cheese
D - Dosa
E - Eclipse (the Mitsubishi kind)
F - Friends, Family
G - Grandparents
H - Holidays
I - Ice cream
J -
K - Kids
L - Lakers
M - Madras
N - New Orleans (with the girls)
O -
P - Panneer Tikka
Q -
R - Reuters
S -
T - Tennis
U - University (Ethiraj, Hartford)
V - Violet House (at school)
W - Woodlands Drive-in
X - Xmas in NYC
Y -
Z - Zen (the Maruti kind)

Still pondering the missing alphabets...


mustirao said...

If it was Sat, he would have Q for his previous car - Quatro. I would say J for you like Justin T? LOL!

gadgetgeek said...

I suggest "Jagad jaala killadi" for "J"

Karthikeyan (KK) said...

J - all the jollu at school / collge :P

Q - 'quarter' ( yes, the thamil one!! )

Rony said...

Nice blog. I guess Y could be Yuva now!