September 18, 2009

A Dick is a dick is a dick

At the presentation ceremony of the US Open, the champion Juan Martin del Potro wanted to talk. To thank his team, the fans, just everybody that he could think of in that exhilirated state of mind that he was in. The only problem was that he wasn't fluent in English so after saying a few muddled sentences he asked Dick Enberg if he could say a few words in Spanish. Instead of just passing the mike onto del Potro so he could have his moment, Dick said "We're running out of time"! (One exclamation point is not enough really). A few seconds later when del Potro asked again, he was given the mike but quite reluctantly. Not even two sentences were out of Potro's mouth before the tears started to flow. And again, instead of letting him take it all in, maybe get some applause from the crowd Dick took the mike back and started going on about the prize money he's won, yaada, yaada, yaada!

I've never felt that someone had been named more aptly. Good job, DICK!

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Sai said...

Gosh I so agree with this Reks!! I was soo pissed of with (the) Dick. I mean, Del Potro has just won the USO, definitely the biggest and brightest moment of his career and this guy is just dismissing him because there is 'not enough time'!!