January 19, 2010


It's the same in all languages. "Change irukaa?" in Tamil, "Change undha or change hai?" in Telugu and Hindi or just "Change?" universally. What is it with stores and not wanting to part with change ever?? Is there a shortage of smaller denomination bills or coins? If my bill were Rs. 174 and I handed out a Rs. 1000 note I can understand the question...maybe. But not for a Rs. 500 note. Come on! And sometimes, even if you hand out a Rs. 200 note, you'll be asked next if you have Rs. 4... so that they can give you an even tenner instead of Rs. 6 in coins!

Coin obsession at its best. Irritating.

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Sai said...

This is too funny and so damn true! I was in Landmark the other day, (not even just a grocery store!)and my bill was Rs.255 and I handed over Rs300. Promptly the cashier asked me for change of Rs5 which I sighed and handed over. She opened her cash draw and there I see truckloads of 5 rupee coins and assorted change. So I told her, look you have so much change then why r u asking me? She said, "Oh that, chumma I will ask everyone"!!!