June 23, 2010

Help is help is help...HELP!!!!!!!

In the 5 years that I've had to manage domestic help in India, I've realised a few things:
  • They are stubborn
  • They pretend to know everything
  • They have selective hearing
  • They won't change their ways (and I mean using-actual-floor-cleaners-instead-of-RIN-on-the- floors kind of change)
  • They love the dishwash bar even though it takes nothing out of the dirty dishes
  • They talk too much even if I'm not interested in hearing them
  • They won't move a single piece of furniture to clean under it

But they want a raise ever so often. And new clothes. And money for cell phone recharge. And all the other nonsense that goes with being help in this day and age.



Arch said...

Seriously?I so hope my maid doesn't read your blog....let me go now and thank my blessings ;p

jayanthi said...

it's the same everywhere in our motherland. we learn to live with these issues, which makes us survivors!