January 8, 2011

Stocking up

She was a collector, there was no doubt about that. Not art or expensive things or even stamps. Just sentiments. No, not mentally but in the form of cards, letters, little notes...you get the gist. Over the years, her 'collection' grew, moved with her across continents and cities and finally found its resting place in a huge red plastic tub. A tub so big that it couldn't hide anywhere. Sometimes, things need to be jarring, loud...almost an eye-sore to be taken note of. Either by oneself or else, a significant other.

After much debating, she decided that it was time. To sort through, clean up and maybe just let go. And so she began reading through years of laughter, joy, sadness, fun....memories. One last time before she said goodbye. But she just couldn't get herself to say bye to all of them! Important dates, important moments and important people, especially those that were no longer with her...how could she? So the pile became smaller...much smaller. But it was still there, tucked away in a little bag.

The rest? Tucked away in her heart.


kalshi said...

That's so sweet Rekha! I can empathise with you because even I like to hold on to birthday, christmas and new year cards.

Manisha said...

Do you still have the blogs from our Coorg -Coonor trip :) I have that soemwhere in Madras with the dates and all teh crazy stuff we did!!!!!

Reks said...

@kalshi...no more holding on for me! not that i've changed much but e-carding and emails have made it easier :). who r u btw??
@mash...yes! that diary is at my parents home in madras! wenever we all meet next, we'll read and reminisce :).

kalshi said...

Rekha, "kalshi" is short for Shilpa Kalyan aka Shilpa Ranganathan.

mustirao said...

yeah, I too had to clean up my drawers when I went home a couple of years back. Now with everything turning digital, I think we will be left with a few thumb drives or external hard disks that store our memories.