July 21, 2011


I don't know if this is common practice only in India...or if other countries do it too. Whoever heard of filling out an application form for school admission even before the baby had arrived into this world? What would one even fill?

Name - not sure...we're still fighting over it
Date of birth - not sure...approximately November 10?
Sex - not sure...it's illegal to find out in India, don't you know?
Parents name - yes, that we can fill in (yay, finally something to write)


Where do all these applications go? To the 'to be born in 1 month, 2 months, 3 months' drawer? What purpose does it serve? What priority will these children be given? Why can't these schools that follow this process simply issue forms like other schools do? When the child is actually born and about 3 years old and ready to go to school? Is this some sort of ego-inflating process for the school? Or a publicity stunt?

Does anyone else think this is weird?


aruna´s world said...

HI rekha , I went thru this for sishya. someone suggested i take the FORM. I thought I would be the only paranoid parent . I was shocked to see a room full of sharply dressed BB men and fashionably preggy wives in tow. And there I was full term jostling from side to side like a king kong taking over New york city . After pushing a certain visting card( my husband´s ) i was told I was wait listed for 2015 . too late it seems . next time before we reach out for ovulation kits reach out for the form :)

Reks said...

i was referring to sishya...i think its absolutely absurd, don't u? wat is the school even thinking man? and ure right, next time get the form first, figure out when your child is eligible and then plan the child!

Arch said...

i dont think i would even want my son to study in this school!! how absurd. sheesh.!