February 13, 2012

Road Rage

Traffic in Bangalore is a nightmare. Everyone knows that. What annoys me is that most of the time, the reason it gets so crazy is something absolutely foolish. Here are my top 10 road rage causers...all during peak hour traffic time too.

  • Heavy vehicles (minimum 16 wheels) carrying ridiculously heavy loads and crawling between two lanes
  • BBMP workers sweeping near the median and loading all the sand and dirt onto a tractor that is parked in the middle of the road (tractor driver stares with a puzzled expression when passers-by honk and show make rude gestures towards him)
  • BBMP workers drawing white divider lines, which people drive over even before it gets a chance to dry (we don't have a lane system...are the white lines really necessary?)
  • Random dig-ups for either water or electricity cables
  • Pot holes the size of cars
  • L-board drivers who always lose the battle with the clutch, just in time for others to miss the traffic signal, too
  • Garbage collection trucks parked in the center of a service lane with the garbage collectors nowhere in sight
  • Autos and bikes who block the oncoming traffic in an effort to squeeze through before the traffic light changes
  • The jaywalker (pedestrian) who, while on the phone, puts his hand out to stop vehicles coming his way and just saunters across
  • And my all-time favorite, cows being ferried to their eateries and watering holes
And to think that everyone believes that traffic woes in Bangalore will be sorted once the innumerable flyovers are completed.


1 comment:

LGV said...

Sometimes the jaywalkers with cell phones glued to their ear annoy me so much, i want to actually drive next to them and slap them on their hand for causing so much chaos.....the best part is when they cross after the signal turns green for the vehicles smiling all the while as though this is all a joke!!!