March 10, 2012

Swalpa Kannada learn maadi

I wrote this post soon as I moved to Bangalore. It's almost 2 years now and I'm nowhere close to learning even a little more Kannada than just that. Except for one term - the ubiquitous 'Adjust maadi or swalpa adjust maadi', which means 'Adjust a bit please'. The term is so famous around here that it should be legal to say 'I got adjust maadied'!

Legal or not, I got 'adjust maadied' a few days ago. While driving through the absurd traffic, I'm not sure why I had my windows down. But waiting for the signal to change, I suddenly heard a 'swalpa adjust maadi, madam' driver trying to squeeze into a non-existent space in front of my car!

If that term didn't bring a smile to my face, I might've adjust maadied his face :)

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