April 18, 2012

Dreaming away the day...dreaming away life

It's so nice to dream...especially day dream. It isn't easy, though, because in order to be able to dream, the mind has to be free...sort of empty, vacant, relaxed...like it's chilling out.

She closed her eyes...and the images came flooding in. Running carefree across wide open spaces, jumping madly in puddles, climbing tall trees, talking late into the night with friends, dreaming big, imagining that everything was possible and just doing the sorts of things that people would call crazy! The kind of crazy that can only be attributed to youth and the madness of it all.

Why do we let this stop? Why do we allow the madness to end? Why do we build a shield around ourselves and become guarded? Why are we unable to allow maturity and carefreeness (if there is such a word) to coexist?

Why do we not realize that growing up doesn't mean giving up the simple pleasures of life?

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