July 23, 2012

Under the transparent umbrella

Rainfall...watching it and listening to its pitter patter, the first splash of water hitting your face, little drops that sneak in from the side of the umbrella onto your hands, puddles that make you want to jump into them, buses swerving to avoid water-filled potholes, the smell of fresh water and mud, the birds that happily bathe under open skies...the chain of events that even a little bit of rain sets off is incredible...

Experiencing all this with a loved one on your lap - holding a transparent baby umbrella, oozing innocence, bursting into peals of laughter and squealing with delight every time the rain falls with a dull thud onto the umbrella top - is just priceless.

Things do seem different when seen through another's eyes...with a little bit of transparency and innocence.  

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