October 30, 2012

The Wall

There it was...a high steep wall with holds all over the place but it didn't seem easy at all. Many seemed within her grasp and yet, she couldn't get a hold of them that easily. Not one to give up, she braved it and carried on upwards, trying all the while not to keep looking down below. But it was incredibly hard. Looking back, looking down...it was impossible not to do that. She faltered but kept going.

It took awhile...and she almost reached the top...just a few holds away and suddenly, her hand slipped! She was holding on with just one hand. She knew that she couldn't let go...that wasn't an option. To go back to where she started seemed impossible! Not after all that effort, all that it took to get her to where she was...she couldn't let that happen! And yet, the surge that she needed to haul herself back up seemed a little too hard. Stuck at that spot, her body started to ache. She wished someone would just pull her up and yet, she wanted to make it on her own. 

And then, she closed her eyes and saw a familiar face...or was it faces? Smiling at her almost as if to say, "It is hard but not that bad. And you don't have to do it all alone". 

She took a deep breath and grabbed on to the nearest hold. It took all of her strength and all of her toughness...but she held on. And she reached out and pulled herself into a more stable position. But it wasn't over...the hardest bit was yet to come. Everyone had told her that the last step was the toughest. It nearly took your life out...but it was well worth it. 

She felt like the only way she could do it was if she almost let go of both hands and leapt to the last hold...holding nothing back. And she did just that...and made it! Just about. But it was good enough! She got to the top, not in a fancy way...but good enough. 

That's all mattered. Good enough.

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