December 26, 2012

Age ain't ain't nothing but a number!

"A person's age and their level of maturity aren't connected...not one bit", she thought to herself. It had taken little observations over time, small chit chats here and there and one big conversation to realize that. It made her think about so many a person's mind worked, what made them think the way they did, whether there was any rationality behind it, whether it was just a simple acceptance of facts, whether it was that unquestioning trust in the person(s) that mattered most...the trust that they would be cared for no matter what? So many thoughts bombarded her.

She recalled the phrase 'older and wiser' and thought about how much it was thrown around by adults. Why, there were  songs (and even blogs!) by that title. But she remembered another one...a complete contradiction.

“The older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom.” 

Did it mean that the younger the person, the more mature they were? Was this because acceptance came so much easier as a child?

Did this mean that she still had a lot to learn...from her children?

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