April 17, 2013


One hand steered the wheel while the other did the rest – switched gears, collected money, handed back change, gave out tickets and brushed off the occasional stray-away hair that fell on his ‘tilak-clad’ forehead. All with that same practiced smooth motion. It was an almost-rehearsed rhythmic sequence of events that hinted at the repetitive, somewhat monotonous nature of his job.  

Driving a bus around Bangalore was no joke. Throw in a bus with just one door for entry & exit and no conductor to man the people-traffic? No joke at all! At the best of times when traffic was lean, maybe he flashed a wry smile. Most of the time however, he was probably at his grumpy efficient best. He had to be. For he was a multi-tasker, juggler, acrobat, artist – all of it rolled in one.

To think that we use the term Superhero for heroes that rescue their lady loves from hanging buses.

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mustirao said...

Are you actually using public transportation?