February 14, 2014

The little red soldier

A giant brown thing was blocking his way. Annoyed, he looked up at it. It seemed like it had no beginning and no ending. It was just huge! He made his way down what seemed like an infinite path. It took him some time but he eventually got to a corner. He could only make a left turn and so he did.

Another infinite stretch of brown greeted him. So he continued trudging along. He walked and walked but had to make a sudden stop. There was something bright red in his way. It seemed different from the brown...a bit soft and juicy, maybe. He tried to climb over it but slipped. Finally, he managed to sneak into a teeny weeny gap and continued his walk...but not for long.

A pale green thing blocked his path next followed shortly by a yellowish-orangish smelly thing. As he went closer to inspect it, the giant brown thing moved! As it seemed to lift off suddenly like a helicopter would, a few little brown pieces fell down. One piece would've landed on him had he not jumped to the side in the nick of time. He breathed a huge sigh of relief and was trying to figure out his next move when the brown thing landed again right next to him...with one small difference.

It had a little curve near where he stood. A small indent that altered the shape...and consequently his path.

Curious, but also scared, he walked slowly into the curve. To his surprise, he found someone just like him, albeit a bit bigger, standing there. They gave each other a once-over and then the bigger of the two smiled and said, “This whole wheat bread is simply divine but the cheddar cheese stinks and the tomatoes and cucumber are soggy”!


molarbear's posts said...

Interesting perspective...not everyone has the imagination to think of this :D


LGV said...

An ant's eye view ?