December 17, 2014


i don't know where to begin this story
or is it a poem?
a poem doesn't have to rhyme, does it?
and verses don't need punctuations, or meter, or capitalisation, do they?

maybe you won't agree with that, i can see you cringing as you read this.
and maybe you won't agree with many other things,
maybe you won't see life like i do.

i'd like to tell you, show you, and shield you
but i won't.
it's your journey and i'm just your friend
and i hope to stay that way
especially when times are rough and hopefully when it's fun.

some days can make you feel foolish
others can make you lose hope,
but wait for them to pass.

be gentle, kind and thoughtful,
be warm and loving.
be just the person you are.

that's all i want to say.


Creativei said...

Wonderful! Happy Birthday Aditi! may you live a long and happy laughter filled life...with your pal mamma and others who love you so!

molarbear's posts said...

Here's wishing Aditi a very happy birthday. When can we meet, Rekha?