January 19, 2017

the story of ori

a dog! should we adopt one?
the kids had been asking
we had thought about it too
but it seemed a little daunting

would it be a lot of work?
we'll clean her poop
they said with a smirk
and then we went into a loop

going back and forth a bit
with one of us feeling unsure
her reasons were many, all legit
but he, he was sure

sometime around then, i chanced upon a post
of a goofy looking cutie, with eyes the colour of toast
a black and white body and one floppy ear
she looked so perfect, and out went my fear

it felt just right, was she the one?
to show to the family, i wanted to run
i hoped that they would feel exactly the same
and be even more excited when i told them her name!

what's she called, they asked with glee
oreo i said even more excitedly!
i said to the kids that they could change it up
no it's cute, no need, it suits the little pup!

so we set up a time to go and meet her
june 12 post lunch is when we greeted her
i was nervous, but they didn't seem to be
felt like they had decided, you see

we met her at the park at her foster home
wagging her tail and bounding along
she was so friendly and she was so free
we knew that our lives had changed immediately

she walked with us and got into the car
oh she enjoyed her ride even though it wasn't far
excited and thrilled, were we all that day
our love had multiplied in so many ways

it's been six months since she came home to us
yes there have been times when i have cussed
when she chewed up spectacles, wallets and toys
all the while looking extremely coy!

she knows she can get away with this and that
she just rolls over for a belly rub and pat
oreo aary kumar is her full name
ori, my third munchkin, she became

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