July 31, 2017

what does it take

what does it take
for the sun to peek out of a cloud
and show off its reds and oranges
however glaring they might be
even just momentarily?
'you're too bright, you're too hot, you're too sharp
go back and hide behind the cloud'

what does it take
for a caterpillar to come out of its cocoon
and show off its rainbow colours
and brand new shape
even if only for a few days?
'you're too colourful, you're not pretty, you're so big
don't pretend to be someone else'

what does it take
for a circus clown
to remove their mask
and show sadness and despair
even if only rarely?
'you're not supposed to be sad, you have to make me laugh
put that mask back on so we don't have to see you'

what does it take
for us to be
and let others be
every single day?
to show off our colours
in the midst of the colour blind
to take any form or shape
in a sea of moulds
to remove our masks
among those wearing shades

what does it take?


molarbear's posts said...

I suppose that is the definition of a friend...one who has what it takes for one to be oneself, show the colours, the sadness...beautifully written. -de Ponti.

Rebecca said...

Love this one reks!

Turning Point Psychotherapy,PLLC said...

Very few who want you to be real.