December 5, 2007

Fashion for babies

I love shopping for clothes for my daughter. It's so nice to have access to a wide range of colours, patterns and designs. What I like best is that girls look kinda cute even in boys clothes. A boy baby, on the other hand, has such limited choice. Shorts, pants, overalls - pretty much covers it all. Will a boy in a skirt look cute? (Not talking about Scottish kilts). The only guy who looks hot in a skirt is David Beckham (ok sarong, not skirt per se). What made him wear it? Boredom? Fashionably cool? Just trying one on for the heck of it and got caught on camera? I guess we'll never know the true answer. But that makes me wonder what the future of fashion will be. Will there be metrosexual babies in the future? Will parents of boys be daring enough to dress them in skirts?

After all, someone must have started off the trend to dress girls in boys clothes. Some fashionably cool mum, I'm sure!

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