June 10, 2009

Multi-lingual message

'Please close the door, daivacheydi gateue vayyandi' goes a voice everytime I get into the elevator in my building. Stating the obvious, at least to me. But what is interesting is how many times I hear this message through the day because someone has not shut the door properly.

Really, how many more languages must this message be played in? I guess we must do Hindi being the National Language and all. But in the India that we live in now, every city is a potpourri of languages with everyone speaking all and nothing at the same time. So the next best thing is pictures, because a picture says a thousand words, right? Step by step illustrations of what must be done to close the door properly.

And if even that doesn't work, hire a lift operator to open and close the door. All day long. There are enough people that would want to do that.

Going up in life might never be as easy.


mustirao said...

How about some sort of sensor that senses and emits electronic shock to those that turn and walk away without closing the door?

Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

unfortunately however obvious something is, you can be sure that some one will not do it!!
LOL to mustirao's comment!!