June 10, 2009

You can call me xxxx

When help around the house changes, the way I'm addressed also changes. Amma, madam, akka, mam. And now...UNDI! Pronounced exactly how its spelt! I have heard it used many a time before but just not at me. Undi is sort of like giving respect while addressing the person except that all it does is crack me up! Here's an example, one a true incident and the other, just silliness.

Babu nidram poyinda? (Has the baby slept?)
Ownu undi. (Yes, undi!)

Babu undies ekadaa? (Where are the baby's undies?)
Undies aa undi? (Baby's undies, undi?)

Just typing that up made me smile :).


Pradip Biswas said...

Teach me more. Is this telugu?

Reks said...

yes it is! il post more as i learn more so keep reading :)

mustirao said...

"Please turn off the flash function in your cameras while taking pictures of the animals in the dark." This message was literally told in 15 different languages during the Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo. An animal enters the stage, and guess what happens??