March 30, 2010

Hyderabad Blues

Change is the only constant in our lives these days. Everyone lives everywhere and makes it their home for that point of time. Adaptating to the city, streets, cultures, languages and everything else. You hate it and love it equally. But as you age, the good-byes get harder, maybe even a bit teary. Everything becomes a memory that you want to retain forever in your mind or at least in print. The list of 'this might be the last time we do this or see this' becomes longer.

Is this simply because we understand better with age? Maybe. We know that things don't stay the same. Some things are difficult to replicate no matter how hard you try. Something exciting and fun from a long time ago may not be anymore. Tolerance reduces. Friendships last but not without a great deal more effort. People, places, things change. We all change.

Four years have passed and quite quickly too. From an out-of-towner to a near-local. But no longer. My time here is finished. Languages and lessons learned. Friendships and memories made. Adaptation accomplished. But only to start over.

Home is where the heart is but what if you left a little of your heart in every place that you've called home?


Bloom where you're planted said...

totally agree. as much as we moan and groan about living in hyd, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. i try and savor the good memories and now laugh about all the frustrations. all the best to you and hope bangalore will quickly become your new home!

mustirao said...

Well said...change IS the only constant! Having done this three times over the one thing you know is that you have it in you to adapt to change. Good Luck and I'm sure you will do just fine.