March 19, 2010

Leagues and Sports - Part Deux

I wrote this during the IPL's inaugural season. Two years into the madness, I still stand by a lot of what I said except maybe the last couple of lines...a little too dramatic even for me! Other than providing 100% entertainment, the IPL has brought cities and states together at least during the 3 hours of every game. Wearing team colours, singing team songs, cheering, booing, clapping and whistling! You see it all during these games. And for people removed from their home state or city, there's nothing more satisfying than loudmouthing their home team victories against their adopted home teams to everyone that will care to listen!

Heckling and trash talking - the two things reserved for sports fanatics, the two things I missed the most since moving back to India! It's back baby, I'm back!!

WHISTLE PODU for the Chennai Super Kings!

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