June 27, 2011

10 things I don't like about Nadal

I've been watching tennis for ages now. Seen all the rivalries over time. My favourites have changed...Lendl to Sampras and now Federer. While Lendl and Sampras lost regularly to many players, I've never ever detested (hated, abhored etc...) any of the players that they lost to. Maybe that's because they never lost to anyone as consistently as Federer has lost to Nadal. Even then, I just can't understand why I have such a strong feeling of dislike towards him. I need to clear this out of my system...so here goes....10 things that I hate about Nadal...

  1. His constant constipated expression
  2. His "habit"
  3. His time wasting tactics
  4. His game (and I'm sure this will be a point of contention with many)
  5. His constant looking at his box, especially when he wants to challenge a call
  6. Getting coached in the middle of matches
I can't think of any more. Can you?

PS: (The only thing I like about him is his mental toughness)


1 comment:

Arch said...

...his "habit"?? didnt know you could be this subtle!! ;p