October 18, 2011

The girl who didn't like to dance

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She loved to do many things - read, sing, play, chat and so on....but there was one thing that she didn't like to do...and that was to dance. Try as she might, she just didn't get the hang of it, didn't like to watch when others danced and just never wanted to try it at all.

When she was in college, she got involved in it a bit. No, she didn't perform but helped organize things around the main performance. That, she was good at. But she began to like watching. Still later, when she got a little older, she began to dance. Not all the time. In fact, usually only 'under the influence' and after much persuasion from her friends. She even began to create her own signature steps, as funny as they might be...steps that others began to copy, although only briefly!

And then, it all stopped...due to many reasons. Explaining those would take away from the randomness of this story. But recently, it seems like the madness might have started up again. All thanks, again, to friends. The girl who didn't like to dance has put on her dancing shoes again...be warned, everyone!

For a story as random as this one, could there be a moral? Yes! Make sure your friends are crazy and goofy! They will make you do silly things. Things that you wouldn't try on your own, things that make you go WTH, things that you can think back of and laugh about.

In keeping with the spirit of the festive season, here's a big loud cheer to good friends and good times! Long may they last!


mustirao said...

Nice job, "Elaine on the dance floor"

LGV said...

Maybe the Elan dance nite has inspired the girl to take on her dance shoes:)) It sure did for me as I was like "The girl who didn't like to dance."

Rebecca said...

Cheers! Long live craziness!!
Nice post.