October 31, 2011

Ra-One - the review

I have to put in many disclaimers before I start writing this post.
  • I don't watch too many movies, especially Hindi ones.
  • I am a big fan of Superhero movies (apparently, in any language).
  • I don't like the usual song, dance and crying kind of movies.
  • I'm not a geek but I find certain aspects of technology really cool.
  • OK, that's it. Now read on if you're still interested.
Met my expectations
Story line, music, acting - There was just enough of emotion and drama. No one overdid the death scene, there was no bawling etc. Music rocked! Acting - Ra-One's and G-One's expressions were naturally robotic and machine-like :)

Exceeded my expectations
Effects - The picturization of nano particles coming together to form Ra-One was awesome! Also the whole virtual environment that was created for the game was very neat.

Below my expectations
Shakrukh's South Indian imitation was terrible. The accent, the 'curly hair' and the AYYO - really bad. I'm glad that he was killed early on in the film.

The Voila factor
Roping in the big B for his voice and the Superstar for his style was really cool - a great marketing tactic. Showing a little respect to these two definitely doesn't hurt!

An out and out entertainer with great music and effects, Ra-One is a total time-pass movie. Throw your logical mind out and don't try to reason with the going-ons. You'll have a great time!

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mustirao said...

Well done on the review!