January 12, 2012

Gym room 'ones'

Have you seen:

  • The one who runs many miles like a maniac but uses his feet to turn off the treadmill power switch located at a horribly low height of 1 inch from the floor?
  • The one who stretches himself like elastic for a half hour but wraps up the rest of his tiring workout in 5 min?
  • The one who thinks it's cool to let his sweat drip all over the cross trainer and, for greater effect, shake his hair out lest some sweat be left over?
  • The one who sings along to his iPod tunes sounding like a siren but thoroughly enjoying himself?
  • The one who insists on playing the radio station of his choice (without asking the rest of the gym room gang) but spends his time on the phone talking louder than the music?
  • The one who has a conference call while walking at 3.5 km/hour? And still panting?
  • The one who insists on carrying on a conversation with the person on the neighboring machine...who is, sort of, gasping for breath?
  • The one who is watching and listening to all this and thinking "Now, that will make an interesting post"...all this while working out very hard, naturally!
Not being biased to gender or anything. 'His' just came naturally while typing.
Use 'her' wherever you like.
Same difference.


molarbear's posts said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this! Or should I say, "t-his" :)


neelam said...

this is in concern to ur gym thing rekha which made me noticesomething today in the park while my morning walk, a person walking dead slow, with a loud and fast music, god knows for what the music was, first i chkd whether he is physically fit or not, after confirming that every thing is perfect my conclusion was may be he is inspiring us to be a bit faster, thats wat i did, thanks to that man, for making my walk better.