January 26, 2012

To the circus

I went to the circus today after probably 20+ years. I felt the same excitement that I remember feeling all those years ago. It was awesome to see similar expressions on my kids' faces too!

The show was fantastic and featured all the usual acts except the animal shows. The trapeze, my favorite act, was simply superb. Such talented and hard-working artists. It's a pity that circuses are a dying trade. There isn't much money to be made after all the expenses are taken care of. Some of the acrobats are just so gifted that you wonder how they might fare under different (and obviously better) circumstances.

As a first-time adult watching the show, a few other things than the main show itself amazed me.
  • The size of the tent! How much effort it probably takes to get something so big up!
  • The number of support staff and the amazing coordination with which they execute their tasks.
  • The acrobats level of skill. If you notice closely, the same acrobat does different events wearing different costumes. While all involve a similar skill set, they aren't exactly the same kind of moves.
  • The obvious passion these artists have for their job. It's certainly not the money that keeps them going.
I wonder if circuses, as I know it today, will still be around when my children get older.

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