January 22, 2013

The (wo)man in the mirror

Everyone's heard the song...everyone knows the lyrics. But does everyone or even anyone do what they sing out loud...start with themselves to make a change? What's change, anyway? How can we make the world a better place? Is it just by our actions? Can it not be our reactions? To things, people...situations? Everyone is so quick to judge another...everyone! Especially so when a situation arises where you find someone else in a spot that you might actually be in. Rather than empathize or even just stay quiet, we opine. An opinion, which for the most part, isn't even based on any knowledge or understanding of the situation. It's just that...an opinion...an immediate reaction, even.

But it does so much to the person who is on the receiving end. So much! It makes them think, makes them wonder, makes them question, sometimes even makes them doubt! Yet, we all do it...time and again. Pass judgement, form an opinion, take a side, make a decision. For what? Is it because we are so comfortable in our own world and in our own surroundings that we feel a sense of security (even if it's false) and have to display that to others? Is it to show to whoever cares to notice that we are secure in the things that seemingly matter to us, even if it isn't really so? Or is it to allay our own fears...to put at rest that nagging thought that something might be wrong?

Start with yourself...make a change...the person in the mirror is all that matters. Try, at least! Or maybe not, for a wise person once said, "No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try".


Lady Disdain said...

I love your posts, and I love your style of writing.

I've been quietly reading them but this post - I always think about this! About changing myself, trying not to judge others, or at least not judge others too quickly. I always fall short, though. Have to be more critical of myself, too.

But you're right about the other thing. EVERYONE talks about not judging but that's what I see all day, every day. Our mouths keep moving and sometimes the stupidest, most crass, judgemental things come out. And I'm no exception. Sometimes I only realize things once the words have left my mouth. SIGH. And why? I don't even know. Do I feel secure in the knowledge that I'm not in that situation? Or is it because we always tend to relate everything that happens back to us? Who knows.

I'll just try to lower dial on my 'Judgmental Cow' setting - or not try, but do.

Random Rambler said...

thanks lady disdain...do i know you? just read a few of your posts...i loved the thought process on the life of pi, drawing a parallel to our lives today. very well written.

LGV said...

Nice post Reks.... if only we had a penny for every time someone was critical, i guess we'd all be millionaires/billionaires even. This is something i have realized, they are trying to fit you into a square/circle or any kind of box according to them (whoever they might be), and when u don't, then they start being critical or judgmental of you....and even then try to stereotype you as a 'rebel.' You are you and that's all that matters!

Lady Disdain said...

Haha, no I don't think so. Neither in the cyber world, nor the real one.
And thank you for the compliment =)