December 5, 2013

Goodbye to a friend

It had only been a short while that they had known him, maybe 8 months at best. Their interactions weren't lengthy either. The exchanges were mostly filled with the innocence of childish banter and the tolerance and understanding of age. She felt that both young and old looked forward to that brief, not so frequent exchange. It seemed to bring them momentary happiness.

Until one day when he was no more.

She had to answer some tough questions from the young. How, when, where, what and so on. They surprised her with their understanding. And with their affection. She didn't think they would make so much sense of it and be so in tune with others feelings and emotions. But they were, each in their own way. One, just sensitive and the other, mostly curious but glaringly honest.

That's the thing with children. It's hard to know the depth of what they understand-about people, situations and just life even. She was caught off-guard but in a good way.

She hoped that their sensitivity, curiosity and honesty would remain with them life-long. Who said those things are only reserved for children?


Vilasini Kumar said...

Subtle and beautiful!


Raghunathan Chakravarthy said...

Nice piece!!

Lady Disdain said...

This such a great piece, but also true. Children always prove themselves to be more perceptive and understanding than we give them credit for. It can be a little unnerving when that happens, but also uplifting in a way? If that makes sense.

S. Krishna Kumar said...

Beautifully written! Unfortunately even today, many parents don't seem to be having honest conversation with their children on death,life and renewal.I am glad that She was
an exception!

Krishna Kumar