January 11, 2014

The forgetful mind

Transience - we all know about it, especially in the context of our lives. Yet, when death comes, it catches us off guard, almost all the time. We immediately think of 'what could've been', 'what we should've done', 'what we would've done only if'...and so on.

And then we move on to 'what we ought to do in the future' and promise ourselves that we will do it. Without fail.

Maybe that's just natural human thought process...the quick move from emotions to actions. Maybe it's our way of dealing with the suddenness and the finality of it all. Maybe it's simply a way to block out the pain or postpone it to a future date.

If only we remembered what was really important.
If only we remembered feeling helpless.
If only we remembered why we left things unexpressed.
If only we remembered all that we felt.

If only we remembered the emotions as we began the actions.

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