December 17, 2016

crazy little thing called love

it comes in many forms
yet, we struggle to understand it
an ideal version is what we look for 
one that fits the norms
that have been ingrained in us

a perfect other, a soulmate
someone who understands everything
who gets us in and out
right from the first date
isn't that what the movies say

not just the movies, but books too
and music, even those who rock
and comics, posters, cards and more
reinforce that this must be true
can we blame ourselves for believing it

but what happens to the rest
who have loved us and who still do
in their own way without definition
a way that, in us, brought out the best
all thanks to the multiplicity

of thoughts, feelings and experience
of what they've learnt and seen
in a gentle voice that doesn't judge
and to converse, is ever so keen

where do all these connections go
why do they get lost
is it because we sometimes pull each other 
so far apart that there is a cost

a toll that leaves us drained over a period of time
all because we want to possess, and feel, "they're mine"
also because we're louder
and supposedly mentally stronger
but are we really that

or are we hiding behind a mask
one that either smiles or looks tough
because both help handle the harshness
oh we've been wearing it long enough

and then one day we realise
the damage this has caused
from closing these other worlds
until at some point, when we are paused
by some circumstance or the other that lets us think, breathe and be
and look at our lives, minus all the certainty

then dawns an understanding
one that doesn't come from books
or movies, posters or cards
but only from taking a good look
at all that's happened in our past
everything that's shaped us
things that we can never change
but things that have made us

it's us, and them, and so many more
that we need to forgive for our own sake
it isn't easy, but what else do we do
so we don't make the same mistake
and more important so that we may find
the spirit that seems long gone
the one that was shaped by many
the one that will never be alone

can we bring back these worlds, one by one
back into our lives
and start slowly on the road to find
dare i say, sanity and a love that doesn't bind

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