December 17, 2016

I'm missing some letters

im trying to get te keyboard to work but it ust doesnt
all o a sudden te letters begin to appear on te screen
and makes it look like i’e been making typos on purpose
ow strange
ow strange
ow strange
ow strange
im not cray! Im typing ow strange until te begins to appear
tat’s all
im not mad
im ust persistent
i ust keep trying
no its not cooperating
i dont know wat to do now
i need to use te letter
or so many tings
but isn’t an ot-used letter you know
i was reading a page on a website and realised tat isn’t used muc
not as muc as te owels or r s and t
wy is tat

a sudden tougt enters my ead
sould i paste tis into my blog
to tell you ow i’e spent te last 3 minutes?
Typing away wit purpose
but to no avail?
Oh yay! V worked! Which means H will too! and z!

now fill in the blanks :) 

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