October 18, 2007

Double, triple, why not quadruple?

Cell phone numbers in India are 10 digits long, as in the States. Difference is that the first 3 digits don't correspond to any area code. They are just numbers beginning with 9. I like the way people give out numbers in the US... --- --- ---- 3, 3, 4...10 digits. Easy to write down because you know what to expect.

Its very funny here in India. Different people have different ways of splitting them up. Like here, I do 5,5. Some do 4,4,2 or 3,2,4,1! There really is no logic to it. What annoys me is the way people say the numbers though. If you have repetitive numbers, then you have to say double or triple, if not people seem not to understand. For instance, here's a number 98000 33445. I would say nine eight zero zero zero, three three four four five. BUT NO! When its being repeated for confirmation, the person will most definitely say nine eight triple zero double three double four five! Why? Is it that much of an effort to say the numbers out individually? And the tone in which it will be repeated will suggest something to the effect of them wondering why I didn't use the double and triple in the first place. How strange! These same people though would never dare to go over triple. 98000 03333 would not be nine eight quadruple zero quadruple three! More like nine eight triple zero zero triple three three. Wonder if its because they're not familiar with the word quadruple? Or maybe it just doesn't sound right when they say it out.

Bottom line is I need to get a new number...one that has no doubles or triples.

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mustirao said...

Haha..this is so true though. Execellent point about the quadruple. I heard Ice giving out our number to someone stating that it was the "Indian" way - eight five nine, four zero double two double seven five!