October 8, 2007

In absentia

It's funny how one gets addicted to writing a blog (or is it writing in a blog?). The mind goes crazy with all these thoughts without having a place to express them. Especially when there are situations that are irritating, stressful, mind-boggling, just truly unbelievable and the like...all one goes through when moving houses, especially here in India. The funniest part of this move is that it was just from 302 to 301! I'm not going to elaborate on it but maybe just some highlights...

Phone line is disconnected on Friday to be reconnected 4 days later. (Disconnection and reconnection are done at the same spot by the same people).
Broadband connection still not moved thirteen days after request has been initiated. (Call center says they need to determine feasibility and also asked for a landmark to techie can come to right address). It's NEXT DOOR for God's sakes!
Duplicate key for apartment looks nothing like the original but surprisingly opens the door, after which the original stops working! (HUH??!!)

I think that's enough said. Moving is a nightmare anywhere in the world. When you add to it service providers that don't care and domestic help that's a little lacking, its enough to make you want to never ever move again. In today's world, a seemingly impossible task.

Mind off to sleep...tired from the drama of the last few days. More thoughts later.

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