October 23, 2007

I 'ate fresh' today!

I never ever thought that I would crave a Subway sandwich in my life, ever! Not after all the subs I've eaten while in the States due to lack of any other decent veggie fast food. But oh, how things change! It's been 2 years since I moved back, never tried the subs here and finally, this evening, i just had to get one! Au contraire to what most people had told me, the sandwich was actually very good. The bread and veggies were fresh, the sandwich artist did a good job and overall, everything was fine. The only missing thing was the Doritos (Nachos cheesier (YUM!)) to add to the meal.

What is it that makes a plain old sandwich taste so much better outside in a shop? It's just bread, veggies, cheese and maybe some fancy sauce you throw on there. Why doesn't it taste half as good when you make it yourself at home?

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