October 22, 2007


It's funny how the mind associates things. You listen to something and it takes you back many years...to a time and place when things were different, you were different.

I woke up this past weekend, it was a really still morning. After ages, I heard the sound of an engine pulling into the station. My immediate thoughts were of those mad days where I used to rush to catch the train on the way back from work (on the way up was easy, train station was in front of home). "Noroton Heights, Darien, Rowayton, South Norwalk, East Norwalk, Westport, Greensfarms, Southport, Fairfield, Bridgeport, Stratford, Milford and New Haven - make sure you're on the right train" said the conductor as I dozed off to the best naps I have ever had.

In between the shows my daughter was watching, I flipped to some music channel and it was playing 80's dance music. As soon as I heard Funkytown, I was transported back into those fun days of non-stop shots, crazy dance moves integrating bhangra, dandia, theru koothu and more into one continuous motion; laughter - mad, giggly, silly laughter; friends - the kind that cannot be made ever again. "Gotta make a move to a town thats right for me pa pa pa pam pa pam pa pa pa pam".

Saraswathi pooja was this past weekend. Although not very religious by nature, I still do a few things to mark these occassions primarily for my daughter. As I lit the lamp in front of the deity and started to say the relevant shloka, I was taken back to a time when I was little and excited to be a part of the celebrations at my grandparents house. My grandfather used to do the pooja and have us repeat the shlokas. Such an innocent time...one never to be experienced again. "Saraswathi namasthubyam varaday kamarupini vidyarambham karishyami siddhir bhavatumay sada", he said. "Tell me the meaning, thatha". "It means that you should pray well to the Goddess Saraswathi before you begin your daily studies so that you will be successful", he said.

However much I change from my newer experiences, there are certain memories that will remain etched in my mind forever. Friends, family and fun...always for keeps.

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Karthikeyan....KK said...

( and we are growing old :((( )

Nice post !! Took me back to my old times!