January 23, 2013

The Cute Whisperers

It was her favorite time of day. Time when they were done with bath, dinner and drama. Time for games of some sort...different ones every night. Time for stories, both from books and from their imagination, school experiences and park escapades. Finally, time for them to begin winding down. It was a long process...but they would slowly get there. This was when she would make her exit. This was the part that she loved...when they thought that they were alone and that she couldn't hear them. When they would begin their whispers.

It started off with a sssshhh, pssssstt, hhhheyyyyy from up above and would be followed by a fingers-in-mouth response from below that sounded like a duck quacking. Only she understood what he meant...but that was good enough. 'Amma, sleep, play, ssssshhhhhhh, school tomorrow, snacks, chocolates, trains, I'll tell you something, I won't share with you' were some of the constants in their conversations. 

She always tried to make sense of it from where she sat on the outside but never could. She often wondered if she should go a little closer so she could hear better, maybe a little clearer...but she never did. She felt like she would be intruding into their space. A space that was reserved for only both of them, a space where they felt safe, comfortable and confident to say anything they wanted...to each other. 

A space that she hoped they would share lifelong...her two cute whisperers.

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